We, at Xin Bullion Pte Ltd, endeavor to be your trusted source when it comes to building your Precious Metals Portfolio. All of our products are personally curated to ensure authenticity through selective mints that have impeccable reputations to uphold. With the strong relationships forge with some of the world’s most renowned mints and reputable refineries around, we are proud that all of our Precious Metal Products are constantly monitored and competitively priced, bringing exceptional value to all our esteemed clients.

And most importantly, we distinguished ourselves by rendering exceptional customer service.

Gold and Silver has witnessed an uptrend buying interest in the recent years, especially after our Singapore Government removed the GST on Investment Grade Metals [IPM] (since 1 October 2012). Gold and Silver are often regarded as safe haven, and for anyone interested in international diversification, storing gold overseas is a smart strategy and surely Singapore will be the place to go as crime rates and corruption is one of the lowest among the developed world. Also, you will be delighted to know that we work closely with top industry partners to ensure that your “safe haven” is appropriately kept in one of the safest vault (Loomis Singapore) in some of the safest place in the world, Singapore.

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